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Do I Need to Refrigerate My 5 Seed Butter?

- No, you do not need to refrigerate 5 Seed Butter.  While it is not necessary, it may help extend shelf life and limit oil release.

Is Your Facility Allergen-Free?

- Yes, our facility is allergen-free and only processes seed products like those in our products - sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, flax, and chia.  We do not process any nuts or sesame seeds that may potentially cross-contaminate our products.

Do You Offer Free Samples?

- We do not offer free samples, but we do offer samples for $1 which is donated to one of three charities that you get to choose!

Where Does Your Name Come From?

- Beyond the Equator comes from our farming adventures in South America.  You can read more about our name and our logo in our blog posts!

Why Do My Baked Good Turn Green When I Use 5 Seed Butter?

- The chlorophyll in sunflower seeds creates a green color when mixed with baking soda and baking powder.  It does not pose any risk to humans, it simply creates the green color.   To avoid this, use 1/3 of the recommended amounts of baking soda or powder.


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