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What is Seed Butter?

Seed butter is almost identical to peanut butter or almond butter but made with seeds instead. The most common variet...

The Beyond the Equator Symbols

The experience of going “Beyond the Equator” and coming back with exciting insights is at the core of our culture and...

Sustainability of 5 Seed Butter: Almond Butter Water Usage

Each pound of shelled almonds requires on average 819 gallons of irrigated water to grow. The seeds in 5 Seed Butter ...

What is Keto in 250 Words or Less

What is keto? What foods are keto? Is keto safe? All of these questions answered quickly and concisely.

What is 5 Seed Butter by Beyond The Equator?

5 Seed Butter is used just like peanut or almond butter but is made with seeds instead of nuts. Using seeds makes our...

Black Chia vs White Chia

Which is healthier, and why? While chia is growing in popularity, many consumers still have questions about this anci...

How to Recognize Peanut Allergies - What are Peanut Allergies?

What are Peanut allergies? Learning how to recognize peanut allergies could be the difference between a normal day at...

The Cultural Importance of Chia

Chia powered South American Empires for millennia and is now a mainstay of the South American diet. Read the story here!

What are Omega 3's?

Good Fats vs Bad Fats. For years people were taught that fatty foods were bad and fat should be avoided. The last few...

Our First Farm: San Fernando

Beyond the Equator started in 2017, but our story begins back in 2003 when one of our founding partners purchased a 5...
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