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We are partnering with Son of a Saint, a charitable organization dedicated to inspiring mentorship and enhancing the lives of fatherless boys. We are now offering to send you a sample of our 5 Seed Butter if you donate $1 to Son of a Saint! Here is a link to our donation and sample request page.

How It Works:

Add this product to your cart and checkout just like normal. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Son of a Saint, and we will send you a single serving pack of 5 Seed Butter to try on us!

About Son of a Saint:

Life for boys who lose their fathers is an uphill battle involving challenges related to self-confidence, anger and feelings of abandonment. Left unaddressed, these challenges too often manifest in unhealthy behaviors during the early teenage years through young adulthood.

Son of a Saint is a necessary intervention at a delicate time – a wellspring of positive influence when it’s needed most by the boys who need it most. Young mentees forge relationships with volunteer mentors, counselors and tutors that develop over a long period, providing consistent support, guidance and encouragement.

Son of a Saint's program revolves around behavioral health, recreational access, group/one on one mentorship, travel, tutoring, and tuition assistance.

To learn more about Son of a Saint please visit

Why We Chose Son of a Saint:

There are many wonderful charities in the world, but Son of a Saint is particularly close to home for us. Son of a Saint is based in our hometown of New Orleans, and one of our founders, Kevin, has spent time volunteering with them. Many of our customers for 5 Seed Butter are families with children affected by nut allergies, and we wanted to continue our focus on aiding families and children. Son of a Saint's focus on providing mentorship for fatherless boys is a wonderful mission, and we couldn't be happier to support it.

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