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Superfoods and Their Importance

By 2019, chances are that you’ve heard the term “superfood,” but what qualifies a food as a superfood and where can we get them? Our founder, Carl, found out for himself and knew it was something he had to share.

For Carl, the path to do that came in Beyond the Equator’s line of nut butter alternatives, but it was a long journey and a lot of learning to get there. Our nut-free products are some of the best, most nutrient rich products out there but there’s so much more to be discovered.

Super Start

As a Louisiana sugarcane farmer for almost 40 years, Carl originally went beyond the equator to find the richest soils for his sugarcane. He wanted to feed his sugarcane the best and most important nutrients, but along the way, Carl found another calling. To switch his focus and provide a nutrient rich food to his future customers.

Carl was inspired by Bolivian farmers, who showed him the value of superfoods in their seed-laden diet. Eventually, Carl found a focus in the development of chia-seed products and then expanded into the use of other seeds as well.

Our Chia products are just the tip of the iceberg, here are a few other things we’ve learned along the way...

Superfoods and Their Benefits

Of course, superfoods go well beyond seeds. They’re all around us. Unfortunately, most of them don’t show up on the average American’s grocery list. So what qualifies as a superfood and why? 

A superfood is simply defined as a nutrient-rich food considered especially beneficial for health and well-being. There’s a long list that covers a variety of nutrients and antioxidants that most Americans don’t get enough of, especially if they eat too much processed food.

A simple way to start your superfood diet is by consuming more eggs. Eggs are one of the few superfoods that commonly show up on American grocery lists and they are high in a variety of nutrients. Most people know about the protein that eggs can provide, but they’re also high in Vitamins A and B, choline, phosphorous, iron, and antioxidants that help improve hearing and vision acuity.

Greens are the next and most likely step for most Americans, due to their availability and relatively low price points. Broccoli is the most popular green that commonly makes the list of superfoods, not only is it high in protein for a vegetable, but it contains high amounts of fiber as well as Vitamin C and folate, which can help fight heart disease.

From there, dark green leafy vegetables are the next step. Spinach is a great substitution for lettuce. It may not have that same watery burst, but it will help keep your body intact with calcium and a full day’s worth of vitamin K in just one serving. Both vitamins help fight bone loss. 

Kale and collard greens make the cut as well if you’re looking for dark green variety, although they may take a little more work to seem palatable. However, with over 100% of your daily value of vitamins A, B, and K in Kale, it’s worth it to blend it into a smoothie or throw into a more flavorful dish. Collard greens serve many of the same benefits and have long been a staple in the South, so ample recipes are available online to make your nutrients a little more savory.

From there, the easiest way to reach a tasty superfood is to reach for a handful of berries, nuts, or our preference, seeds.

Blueberries and strawberries carry a large amount of fiber as well as vitamin C, plus the antioxidants in strawberries have been shown to help repair body tissues as well. Finally, nuts and seeds are great for vegetarian protein and heart-healthy fats. Just a small amount each day can help eliminate the risk of heart disease, shown best by the culture that enlightened Carl.

Our Role

At Beyond the Equator, one of our main goals is to help Americans live better, happier lives.

Our company thrives on the back of Chia seeds, which has the most essential fatty acids of any known plant as well as healthy servings of iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Those fatty acids are what allow our butters to be smooth and creamy while still being great for you.

However, we understand the importance of a balanced diet and know it goes beyond the chia seed. Check out our recipe section to find out some of the amazing things you can do with our product as well as other superfoods and get started on the superfood lifestyle!

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