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Seed Shaker Variety Pack

Product image 1Seed Shaker Variety Pack
Product image 2Seed Shaker Variety Pack
Product image 3Seed Shaker Variety Pack
Product image 4Seed Shaker Variety Pack
Product image 5Seed Shaker Variety Pack

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Easily add cranbery and chia seeds to all of your meals with the convenient seed shakers from Beyond the Equator!
  • Cranberry seeds have a slightly tart and sweet flavor making it easy to add these healthy seeds to any meal or snack.
  • Chia seeds have a neutral flavor
  • Enjoy the natural benefits of dietary fiber, protein, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Add to smoothies, salads, baked goods, and more!

Cranberry Seeds are an undiscoverd nutritional powerhouse. We partnered with Ocean Spray to sustainably upcycle cranberry seeds and provide them to consumers looking for a delicous way to add dietary fiber to their diet.  The easy to use shaker jar will have you adding cranberry seeds to everything you make!

Not many people know about the wonderful benefits you can experience when you eat chia seeds. These tiny seeds are virtually tasteless, yet they are rich in protein, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Now you can add a boost of nutrients to every meal! A bag of chia seeds can quickly become a huge mess if you’re trying to spoon them into a smoothie or onto a salad. However, with the convenient Chia Seed Shaker from Beyond the Equator, you can shake a few chia seeds onto your meal or even take the shaker on the go! Get yours today at Beyond the Equator!

Product Specifications:
  • One Chia Seed Shaker - 12 Ounces
  • One Cranberry Seed Shaker - 6 Ounces
  • Net Weight: 1.125 lbs
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