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What is 5 Seed Butter by Beyond The Equator?

5 Seed Butter is used just like peanut or almond butter but is made with seeds instead of nuts. Using seeds makes our butter higher in protein and lower in carbs than most nut butters. The most common ways to eat 5 Seed Butter are with fresh fruit, on a sandwich with jelly or jam, or in smoothies. Due to the high occurrence of nut allergies in society today, seeds are also a lot safer than nuts. 5 Seed Butter is non-gmo, vegan, and gluten-free. For some great ways to use our 5 Seed Butter, go to our recipes page here!
How did we start making 5 Seed Butter?
We first started as a farm in Bolivia, and then worked exporting different superfoods such as chia and mung beans around the world. Eventually, we felt that some of these superfoods weren’t being used to their full potential, so we began working with different recipes making flours, oils, and, butters. 5 Seed Butter is the culmination of this effort. We source our sunflower seeds from the United States and the rest of our seeds from around the world. The seeds are ground and then mixed with additional ingredients (depending on the variety of butter being made) before being jarred and sealed. For our full background, check out our story here!
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Thank You For Your Support!

After an incredible 5 years we are closing our doors. We appreciate all of the support over the years and truly enjoyed creating products that you would love. Any remaining inventory will be available on Amazon.


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