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3 Exercises to Help You Stay Active While Stuck at Home

Staying active is so important for both physical and mental health. Unfortunately, a lot of gyms are still closed due to lockdowns and many people are stuck at home. We wanted to provide a few of the simplest exercises to do at home with no equipment or experience. Even 10 minutes of activity can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot!


1. Pushups

Pushups are maybe the most classic exercise, but they are so popular for a reason! Pushups are the simplest way for people of any skillset to workout their upper body and core. To do a proper pushup, get on all fours with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure not to sag or arch your back, keeping your body in a straight line. Bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, then return to starting position. Try not to lock out your elbows, and make sure to keep your core muscles tight throughout the pushup.


2. Lunges 

Lunges are a great way to work on balance while working out your legs and hips. Stand with your feet together and your hands by your sides. Take a big step forward with one foot and lower your hips until your knee nearly touches the ground, keeping your front foot flat and while letting your back heel lift off the ground. Push off your front foot back to starting position. Make sure not to lean forward or backward during the lunge.


3. Body Weight Squats

Squats are a great way to get the heart rate up a bit while training your hips, legs, and core. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, with toes turned slightly outward. Hinge at the hips first and bend your knees to until your thighs are parallel to the floor or your heels start to lift off the ground. Exhale and push with your legs, hips, and torso all rising together back into starting position.

Hopefully these little pointers help you stay healthy and sane during these tough times!

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