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What is Keto in 250 Words or Less

What is keto? What foods are keto? Is keto safe? All of these questions answered quickly and concisely.

What is Keto?

Keto is short for the high fat, low-carb ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet concentrates on making the body produce “ketones” which are fuel molecules made by your liver when your body burns fat. When making a high number of ketones, your body enters a state of ketosis associated with weight loss, a higher metabolism, less hunger, and improved blood pressure. However, the keto diet was initially developed for specific therapeutic purposes and comes certain health risks.1,2, 3

What foods are keto?

A keto diet consists of “70 or 80 percent fat; about 20 percent protein; and about 5 percent carbohydrate.” When eating a high percentage of fat, your body switches from using glucose for energy (which comes from carbs) to burning ketones (which come from fat), leading to potential weight loss.

Common foods to eat on the keto diet are nut and seed butters, cheese, meats, seafood, eggs, and veggies. Foods to avoid on the keto diet are rice, potatoes, beer, bread, suagr, and most fruits.1,2, 3

Is keto safe?

Health risks include but are not limited to high cholesterol, nutrient deficiency, liver problems, and kidney problems. It is certainly better to be safe and consult a doctor or registered dietician before starting a keto diet.3

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